The Lennon Project


The Songs and the Life of John Lennon

SoundTracks Of A Generation is proud to present a one night only experience—the songs and the life of John Lennon in a chronological soundscape.

Jay Goeppner, arguably one of the best Lennonesque singers on the planet, assumes the role of John himself. Jay has just returned from a 15th trip to perform at the famed Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, where his voice & performance are highlights of the Beatles festival each & every year. Goeppner has performed in 21 Countries and this Fall it’ll be 22 when he visits Norway to sing.

This 100-minute retrospective begins in 1966, when the Beatles made the momentous decision to stop touring & concentrate solely on music composed in the studio. That was when the seeds to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band were sown. Songs culled from that album as well as Rubber Soul, Revolver, The White Album, Abbey Road and the rooftop concert for Let It Be as the Beatles’ final performance will be faithfully reproduced.

This is a great show! Joe S.

The second half of the show will deal with John Lennon’s solo career from The Plastic Ono Band, to his signature album Imagine, to Sometime In New York City, Mind Games, Walls & Bridges and Rock & Roll. The show concludes with selections from John & Yoko’s final recording, Double Fantasy, released just prior to his death on December 8, 1980.

Jay Goeppner and his crack SoundTracks band will intertwine these songs with multimedia images to create the monumental musical & emotional impact that John Lennon brought to the world. This show is a creation borne out of love.



What People Are Saying

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

“Oh my goodness! Jay you’re my favorite musician singer & dance mover! Saw you rock in Liverpool and you make my world a more happy place.”
~B. Gowans

“Where is your next show? The Lennon Project is all the convincing I need to see another Soundtracks show!”
~Geri Ann

“Close your eyes and you’ll think John Lennon is alive. So much passion and energy!”
~C. Chapek

“I love this band, the harmonies are perfect.”
~Jerry K.

“This is no ordinary Tribute Band. Musicianship and vocals are incredible and the story takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard before. My new Fave!!”
~Andy T.

“If all you need is love, this band gives it to you and bares their souls. Just Great!”
~Olivia J.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Desert Rock

Fusing Folk, Rock, and Country – the music that was the start of what is known today as Country Rock!

Presenting our newest show! Music from Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, The Byrds, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Poco, Buffalo Springfield, Gram Parsons & Emmy Lou Harris, CSN&Y, Loggins & Messina! It’s our homage to the artists and singer/songwriters who helped to create this genre.  Desert Rock captures the mystique of Joshua Tree to Laurel Canyon, be ready for this next show from SoundTracks of a Generation when the Pandemic ban passes!

The Soul Commitments


A Tribute to the Film “The Commitments” 

The Soul Commitments were born in 2016, marking the 25th anniversary of the Alan Parker film ‘The Commitments’. The highly-celebrated cult film depicted the struggles of urban life in Dublin Ireland and how American Soul music lifted the spirits of the young men and women of this gritty city. Their rapid rise to the precipice of stardom – and their consequent breakup – is a story known too well.

This is a great show! Joe S.

And Soundtracks Of A Generation’s producer Doug James has done just that, forming a crack 13-piece outfit featuring singer Rick Demski. Come hear the very best of “The Commitments” (“The Saviors of Dublin Soul”) in one, fast-paced 2-hour show!

A Night You’ll Never Forget!

What People Are Saying

The Soul Commitments played the Arcada Theater. The band played the soundtrack to the movie The Commitments and then played a set of Van Morrison songs featuring singer Derrick Procell. The narrator was Doug James. The entire band sounded great. A very enjoyable evening at the Arcada.
~ Lou J Bilotti (House Photographer at the Arcada)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show? Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Troupe Photo: The Soul Commitments and Van Morrison Tribute, the whole band poses

Summer of Love 1967


A Tribute to the Chart-Topping Pop Hits of 1967

“The Summer of Love” tribute concert is a time capsule, a show filled with the hit songs of 1967 as charted by Billboard Magazine and played by Chicago’s powerhouse AM radio stations WLS and “Super” WCFL. It’s your chance to relive one magical summer through timeless music that still resonates fifty years later!

This band’s consistent energy, powerful talent and song choices blew me away!

Andi K. of Star 97.6

Come hear music that’s withstood the test of time from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, the Mama’s & Papa’s, the Monkees, the Doors, Sam & Dave, the Turtles, Lulu, the Buckinghams, Jefferson Airplane, the Young Rascals and more! Vocally rich, our 90-minute concert, “Summer of Love 1967” brings flower-powered memories back for all ages to sing and dance.  

The Summer of Love: A “Time Capsule” Concert Featuring the Best of 1967!

What People Are Saying

“Our group appreciated the historical background stories shared as various segments in the show were introduced – it truly enhanced the listening experience.”
~ Spencer M.

Rick is outstanding! The first time I came to see the Summer Of Love show, I got in a little early. The band was warming up and they kicked into Expressway (To Your Heart). Rick and the band just nailed it, and I knew that it was going to be a great night!
~ Gregg Schatz

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Roxy Gorman plays/Sings Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, Summer of Love 1967 & Monterey Pop Tribute

Irish Heartbeat (Van Morrison Tribute)

Irish Heartbeat: The Music of Van Morrison

As a small child in Belfast, Van Morrison used to love listening to his father’s Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, Mahalia Jackson and Leadbelly records. He became a travelling musician at age 13 and formed Them in 1964 at 19.

This is a great show…!

Laurie S.

From then on, it was simply impossible to categorize him in any traditional musical category. You want pop? Gloria. Top 40? Domino. Iconic song played at every social function known to man? Brown-Eyed Girl.

But that merely scratches the surface. Van Morrison’s complete understanding of the gospel, jazz & R&B idioms makes the prospect of forging a tribute show to the Belfast Cowboy a wonderful challenge.

And Soundtracks Of A Generation’s producer Doug James has done just that, forming a crack 10-piece outfit featuring singer/harp player Derrick Procell that will play all the Van Morrison hits but will—almost more importantly—span the musical genres represented during the man’s 55-year career. Don’t miss this fast-paced nearly 2-hour show that pays homage to the most original of artists.

All the Heart All the Soul All the Music…

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Troupe Photo: The Soul Commitments and Van Morrison Tribute, the whole band poses

Joe Cocker Tribute

Joe Cocker was one of the greatest interpreters of songs of his generation of vocalists. Not a single Rock, Blues, Pop, or Soul song was written that he couldn’t make his own.

His genre-busting career spanned over five decades from Rock and Soul, to Ballads and Contemporary Classics. This show chronicles Joe’s breakout performances at Woodstock, The Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour with the legendary Leon Russell, to his diverse career as a solo artist, featuring all of his most famous and well-known music.

Great harmonies & vocals…!

Liz W.

Derrick Procell brings his amazing vocal stylings to the task of covering such an iconic voice by channeling the same raw power and grit with all of the subtleties that made Joe Cocker such a diverse artist. Derrick’s background is deeply entrenched in Blues and Soul, and he covers Joe Cocker’s catalogue with absolute style.

70’s FM Radio Rockumentary

Classic Rock of the ’70s

Featuring the music of: Bob Seger | Jackson Browne | Fleetwood Mac | The Allman Brothers Band | Van Morrison | Bruce Springsteen | ELP | Steve Miller | Janis Joplin | The Who | Pink Floyd | Rolling Stones | Joe Cocker | |Linda Ronstadt | The Eagles | Eric Clapton | James Gang | Joe Walsh | Santana | Lynyrd Skynyrd | ZZ Top | Doobie Bros. | Carly Simon | Aerosmith

Great show tonight! The place was rocking!

John B.

A Rockumentary: The imaginary life of 70’s FM DeeJay Lester ‘The Nightfly’

SoundTracks Of A Generation presents a musical journey through the eyes of a deejay (Lester “The Nightfly”), who lives and breathes the rock n’ roll lifestyle. His antics, and the music, are a reflection of the wild and sometimes reckless times heard on radio outlets from 1970-1979.

70’s FM is a unique, multimedia live band experience.  One of the hottest bands in town provides a musical tour of the decade interwoven with a video-based, interview style narrative that adds background and color to the performance.  Mythical 70’s Deejay “Lester the Nightfly” waxes nostalgic on how this music came to be and why it’s so important to several generations of music fans.  The band features tight core of all-pro musicians fronted by four lead singers.  When called for at festivals or more intimate venues (where video playback isn’t practical), the band leaves Lester at home to sleep it off and puts the pedal down on the music.

Based on the birth of a new format called Album Oriented Rock (AOR), these were the Rock radio stations that played artists from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Their songs would become known as Classic Rock, and their legacy lives on to this day creating new fans all over the globe.

Come re-live the greatest moments in rock history!

What People Are Saying

“This band blew us away. What a great night of music!” ~Jane M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Dennis Costis playing guitar, Woodstock Review

The Woodstock Era


The Greatest Hits of the Artists Who Played Woodstock

The benchmark of all music festivals. It was more than just a counterculture gathering of 400,000. It spawned an Academy Award winning documentary. A million-selling double sided record album and songs and artists that have become icons for their generation and generations to come. This show is a tribute to Woodstock – the performers, their music and to the concept of peace and harmony. Taking the most popular songs, we cover a wide spectrum of musical genres from Rock, Blues Rock, Soul, Jazz Fusion, Latin Rock and oh yes, Psychedelic Rock.

I rate the ‘Woodstock’ show 5 out of 5 stars…!

Albert A.

We’ve transformed the Woodstock Music and Art Fair into an event that has become the soundtrack of an entire generation.

It was a cultural touchstone for the late ‘60’s. Our show is ready to perform at your event and entertain the Woodstock generation and all of those who wish to experience just what it was about.

Experience What It’s All About!


What People Are Saying

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
I saw SoundTracks recently and was SO impressed! I think there were 8 of us and we all loved the show! What an incredible group of talent! They look like they love what they do and are having fun which makes the audience have fun!! (LOL) Anyway, thank you again! We all look forward to seeing SoundTracks again soon!

~Pat S., as posted to Facebook

That music was pretty awesome and the band is even awesomer!!
~Marty Eisele

The attention to detail and the musicianship is totally professional. The Woodstock Era is great!
~ John Bennett 

The Power Pop Shoppe “Seeing the Woodstock Era bring the iconic songs of Woodstock to life on stage is an incredible experience. The musicians are so good that you feel like you are back in 1969 grooving at Max Yasgur’s farm.”
~ DJ Gil – WNUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

The Love


The Music of John, Paul, George and Ringo

We don’t dress like them or look like them, we just sound like them. It’s not about the wigs, it’s just about the music and all about the love.”

Suede Stout, founding member, “The Love”

“Ladies and gentlemen… The Beatles!”

Derrick “Suede” Stout (“John”) has been performing all over the globe for decades. A true multi instrumentalist, he’s put out Piano records, Jazz, records, Pop, Live, and acoustic CDs. As a producer his prolific work of over 100 CDs spans classical, jazz, country, rock, pop, a cappella Metal, grunge and nearly anything else you can dream of…His role in this line up can only be described as a dream come true.

Dave Steffen (“George”) is known for his uncompromising desire to move people with his style, emotion and chops… his talent is coveted and his devotion unparalleled. He plays in about a dozen groups from Class of 68 to The Blues Guys, but his musical position in this group showcases not only his guitar skills but his vocals and his showmanship.

Howie Martino (“Paul”) is not only classically trained but is also a virtuoso in a plethora of musical styles. Whether he’s playing with his old bandmates in Rollover of doing a gig with the North Suburban Symphony he bring knowledge and precision to every performance. Howie is excited to be using his vocal chords in this band in addition to playing the bass.

Blair Holmes (“Ringo”) is well know in many worlds from Professional Photographer, to Film Director/Editor, to Lead Singer, Drummer and Composer. His great drumming and beautiful vocals are matched only by his ability to make you laugh… His previous bands Venus Envy and Punch! made excellent name’s for themselves as original Pop groups. He currently plays drums in The Katie Todd Band and now he’s also having fun playing the music of his favorite Fab Four band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

"The Love" is Derrick "Suede" Stout (guitar, keys, vocals), Dave Steffen (guitar, vocals), Howie Martino (bass, vocals), & Blair Holmes (vocals)
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