A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Born in Memphis in 1942, Aretha Louise Franklin was the daughter of a Baptist minister & her mother was an accomplished piano player and vocalist. Her family relocated to Detroit when young Aretha was 5 and she began singing hymns on the gospel circuit, which is how the legend began. Early on, Dinah Washington called Aretha ‘the next one’.

Soundtracks Of A Generation is proud & honored to feature possibly the clearest stylist of the Aretha Franklin genre, LaShera Moore, in their ‘RESPECT’ revue. Directed musically by veteran guitarist Chris Forte, the tight R&B-based outfit behind LaShera performs all the classic, timeless tunes in their fast-paced set.

To be transported back to the Motown studios—Hitsville U.S.A.–on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, come and see this show!

Thank you for a great night of entertainment for the whole family!!! Frank L.W.
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