Irish Heartbeat (Van Morrison Tribute)

Irish Heartbeat: The Music of Van Morrison

As a small child in Belfast, Van Morrison used to love listening to his father’s Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, Mahalia Jackson and Leadbelly records. He became a travelling musician at age 13 and formed Them in 1964 at 19.

This is a great show…!

Laurie S.

From then on, it was simply impossible to categorize him in any traditional musical category. You want pop? Gloria. Top 40? Domino. Iconic song played at every social function known to man? Brown-Eyed Girl.

But that merely scratches the surface. Van Morrison’s complete understanding of the gospel, jazz & R&B idioms makes the prospect of forging a tribute show to the Belfast Cowboy a wonderful challenge.

And Soundtracks Of A Generation’s producer Doug James has done just that, forming a crack 10-piece outfit featuring singer/harp player Derrick Procell that will play all the Van Morrison hits but will—almost more importantly—span the musical genres represented during the man’s 55-year career. Don’t miss this fast-paced nearly 2-hour show that pays homage to the most original of artists.

All the Heart All the Soul All the Music…

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show?
Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Troupe Photo: The Soul Commitments and Van Morrison Tribute, the whole band poses
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