Soundtracks of a Generation

First Class Rock Tributes

SoundTracks of A Generation designs & performs epic moments of rock n’ roll history, sometimes by request from clients, fans & venues.


Performances That Define a Generation

You’ve seen music documentaries, or read about artists, albums and rock concerts…for the ages. Incredible breakout performances that define a Generation. Every Show we present is culled from a part of the Rock n’ Roll legacy. As you read this, new shows are being recreated to bring you the real life experiences. Grab your friends and join us at the Venues, Festivals and Events all around Chicagoland and the entire TriState area!

Live in the Moment of Rock n’ Roll History!

To Book a Show

Private parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers...

SoundTracks of a Generation tribute bands perform classic hits from superstar artists and they can make your next event a first-rate hit!

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Not sure which production is right for your event?

Follow the link marked “Lineup” at the top of any page on this site. You’ll find descriptions of each production, with demo videos and music sample for each.

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