The Soul Commitments


A Tribute to the Film “The Commitments” 

The Soul Commitments were born in 2016, marking the 25th anniversary of the Alan Parker film ‘The Commitments’. The highly-celebrated cult film depicted the struggles of urban life in Dublin Ireland and how American Soul music lifted the spirits of the young men and women of this gritty city. Their rapid rise to the precipice of stardom – and their consequent breakup – is a story known too well.

This is a great show! Joe S.

And Soundtracks Of A Generation’s producer Doug James has done just that, forming a crack 13-piece outfit featuring singer Rick Demski. Come hear the very best of “The Commitments” (“The Saviors of Dublin Soul”) in one, fast-paced 2-hour show!

A Night You’ll Never Forget!

What People Are Saying

The Soul Commitments played the Arcada Theater. The band played the soundtrack to the movie The Commitments and then played a set of Van Morrison songs featuring singer Derrick Procell. The narrator was Doug James. The entire band sounded great. A very enjoyable evening at the Arcada.
~ Lou J Bilotti (House Photographer at the Arcada)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a kid-friendly show? Answer: Absolutely! When you think “K-I-D-S, think “S.T.O.A.G.”!

Troupe Photo: The Soul Commitments and Van Morrison Tribute, the whole band poses
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