Have a Cigar (12/6)

A Pink Floyd Experience

“Have a Cigar – The Pink Floyd Experience” is exactly that, an homage to the likes of Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright, the four men who comprised the group that penned a unique brand of English rock with equally stunning lyrics.

Great show! Incredibly talented cast! Thank you…! Donna B.

A rock solid band of Chicago musicians will play the majority of the iconic tour de force album Dark Side Of The Moon, along with selected cuts from the masterful follow-up Wish You Were Here, and a few anthems from The Wall.

The Woodstock Era (9/27)

The Greatest, All-Time Hits of the Artists Who Played Woodstock

You’ve seen music documentaries, or read about artists, albums and rock concerts…for the ages. Incredible breakout performances that define a Generation. Every Show we present is culled from a part of the Rock n’ Roll legacy. As you read this, new shows are being recreated to bring you the real life experiences. Grab your friends and join us at the Venues, Festivals and Events all around Chicagoland and the entire TriState area! Live in the Moment of Rock n’ Roll History.

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