Mike ‘Crash’ Willens

Mike ‘Crash’ Willens, Baritone Sax/EWI

Mike ‘Crash’ Willens (woodwinds) it would seem Mike can play anything and everything he tries. His preference tonight is the baritone sax, along with the unique sounding Electronic Wind Instrument. Also known as a EWI! His experience is vast and his purpose is to play from his soul which he accomplishes unwittingly. In the 70”s he toured the Midwest, and played in the house bands at Biddy Mulligans and Kingston Mines, backing up famous artists such as Bo Didley, Chubby Checker, and Eddie “The Chief” Clearwater. He’s recorded on critically acclaimed albums at Chess Records and played in a wide variety of professional jazz, rock and classical bands as well as Not For Profit, and almost every SoundTracks show.


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