Dave Steffen

Dave Steffen, guitar, vocals, Robbie Robertson

Dave Steffen (guitar, vocals) Dave is THE most sought after guitarist on the north shore of Chicagoland. It’s been said few people have a more direct connection between the note…and one’s soul. His ability to mix feeling, phrasing, technique and tone is the true mark of a master guitarist.We’ll mention only a few of the bands where he currently resides including The Love, The Core II, & Soulshine. Dave’s played with, Kevin Purcell & The Nightburners, Doug James and The Pocket, The Joe Cocker Tribute Band & The Soul Commitments. His natural born gift serves him well in the business of Rock n’ Roll & we’re honored to have him!

Dave is known for his un-compromising desire to move people with his style, emotion and chops… his talent is coveted and his devotion unparalleled. He plays in about a dozen groups from Class of 68 to The Blues Guys.

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