Bob Zielinski

Bob Zielinski, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (guitar)

It is only natural that Bobby Z would be an entertainer. Bobby’s parents were both professional singers, and both his brothers are professional singers and musicians. Bobby’s journey into guitar playing began when his Dad brought home a Banjo-Ukulele for him to mess around with. With his “George Gobel Ukulele Instruction” book at hand, Bobby practiced constantly , learned all the chords and could play “Buffalo Gal Wont You Come Out Tonight” for hours on end.

After his cousin Nick got a 1965 Gibson SG Jr for Christmas , Bobby saved up his nickels, and the money made from mowing lawns and finally bought a NORMA Solid Body Electric Guitar and Amp. Learned a bunch of Beatles, Monkees Stones and Surf tunes and was on his way. He formed a band with his brothers , “The Sloppy Joes” and played his first show in front of a crowd in South Haven Michigan @ “Sunny Brook Farm” family Resort talent night, in the summer of 1966.

Shortly after that, Bobby discovered the electric blues of Jimi, Clapton, Bloomfield, Muddy, the 3 Kings, and a host of others. A couple more Grade school bands followed, then High School, and in the summer of 1973, that same cousin with the 65 Gibson SG played a new LP he had just got with a tune called “Brown Sugar”. However, it wasn’t the Rolling Stones, it was some band called ZZ-TOP. Cousin Nick said, “Bobby, you gotta hear this guy Billy Gibbons!”. One listen, and Bobby became a lifelong disciple of the Reverend Willy G!

Fast forward to the Fall of 1992, and a chance listening to a Saturday afternoon call in radio show in Chicago, Bobby heard a caller looking for guitarists to audition for this new ZZ Top “Tribute” Band, ELIMINATOR.

25 years later, Bobby has been hailed by many as having the finest tone and guitar style, most accurately replicating ALL of the era’s of Billy’s playing. Bobby’s ( and his band mates ) dedication to “Tone ,Taste and Tenacity” have been the driving force of the ELIMINATOR band for over 25 years.

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